My name is Antonio Martins Palermo and I am real estate broker licensed by the INCI with No. AMI 10.368.   After   over   25   years   in   real   estate   I   decided   to make     use     of     knowledge     in     the     area     of Marketing,   as   well   as   my   contacts   with   agents not   only   in   Portugal   but   also   in   some   European countries,    in    order    to    consolidate    an    activity that     provides     integrated     solutions     to     its customers,   advising,   implementing   and   actively managing   all   stages   of   the   real   estate   process, representing owners, tenants and investors.
These   solutions   include   not   only   counseling with    sale,    purchase,    financing,    leasing    and management    of    real    estate    assets,    but    also assessments,   strategic   planning   and   research, portfolio     analysis,     and     assistance     in     the selection    of    locations,    among    many    other services. Through    a    privileged    position    with    partners strategically       positioned       with       a       name nationally   and   internationally'   I   am   still   able to   guarantee   the   best   service   in   the   following areas of business.
Rental license Works Coordination - Project management Energy certifications Property Valuation. Consultation and selection of service providers. Investors process management. Management of Marketing and Sales. Management and Asset Monetization. Marketing Management, and Communication. Integrated Project Management. Legal support through partnerships in Portugal, Spain, Germany, France and the UK. Support the import and export of currency public relations Translations and translators specializing in Russian, German, Dutch, French, English and Spanish.
+351 281 542 059